DreamPlay Media: CityPlex Countdown Campaign


On October 14, 2017, close to 500 people jammed the CityPlex12 Newark Cinemas for the Red Carpet Advance Screenings of GRIND (feat. Robert Wilmote) and ON THE CUSP (feat. Tommy Cuba), directed by Yuri Alves. The Newark Short Film Showcase featuring Yuri Alves was presented by DreamPlay Media, in collaboration with Newark Open Doors, Express Newark, Newark Office of Film and Television, and Horizon BCBSNJ. 

– DreamPlay Media 

In order to promote this event, a social media campaign was started on the filmmaker’s Instagram. A week before the event, a daily update was posted until the day of the screening, featuring stills from the films GRIND and On the Cusp. Keeping note keep the visuals of the still clean and recognizable from each movie, I integrated typography in a way where it would be embedded into the background or subtly interacting with the foreground. This created a language where the visual was striking yet the information was easy to digest for anyone scrolling through their Instagram feed.


(In-house work)


  • Social Media
  • Digital Design


  • Adobe Photoshop