Mobile Maker Center


Visual Means is a student-teacher collaborative, working as a design studio while being placed in a classroom setting. Our main focus is data visualization, where we take any informational data and research, and visualize so that it may be accessible for all. Visual Mean’s client, Mobile Maker Center, needed a brand identity in order for Visual Means to develop a visual language for the MMC’s research.

The Mobile Maker Center is an transportable environment that presents tools for assessing learning during exploratory play in order to study children’s interactions with specially designed physical objects and computer-designed simulations. For the MMC’s successful exposure, and to be able to seamlessly attract participants (children and their parents) in public spaces such as museums, parks, play centers, zoos, or libraries, Visual Means will design an identity system that expresses the project’s intentions and values as well as create promotional materials and display graphics to encourage parents’ engagement and foster continuous involvement from the public.


Mobile Maker Center Team


  • Branding
  • Print Collateral
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator