Scarlet Magazine


Scarlet Magazine is a student-run periodical, combining the written work and designs of upcoming journalists and graphic designers. The articles in the magazine vary from thoughtful poetry to world news and local politics, which connects to the variety of the magazine’s designs. The magazine aims to use variety while still retaining a cohesive, visual language.

Responsible for designing several spreads for a variety of articles, I worked with fellow student designers to create and visualize the magazine. One special event that Scarlet Magazine ran was releasing the Deluxe Edition of Scarlet Magazine, with it’s main theme being the celebration of Rutgers’ 250 Anniversary, which was officially approved by the Chancellor of Rutgers-Newark as “the campus’s official student magazine.” Given the responsibility of designing the Deluxe Edition’s cover, the history of Rutgers-Newark was incorporated through collage, showing how it was built from the ground up, eventually becoming the respected entity it is today.

A number of spreads were designed, reflecting the overall theme that was assigned for each issue of the magazine. For example, an article called “The Time for Evolution: An EVO 2016 Primer” was about an upcoming gaming convention, while the issue’s theme was “Spring.” The issue’s theme and the chosen article combined a rosy, spring color palette and a two-dimensional feel that alludes to platform games, through a canvas with the overlapping shapes and colors.


Student Work / Rutgers University-Newark


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